Sunday, August 7, 2011 promoting Indie authors...again! is vying to be something extraordinary for independent authors. It is not content to be a forum only. There is too strong a foundation of self-publishing at its core. And self-publishing cannot lie still. Books must be written, we all know that; they must also be moved. Books had once liked sitting on shelves, waiting for readers. Now they want to ride with them - in their pockets.

For members of her joint-venture website, Darcia Helle, has collected and edited this special short story edition of independent works. Some of these authors have appeared for interviews on this blog. (see the archives) Darcia wants those authors read. She believes they all deserve that.

That is why BestsellerBound exists. Not to merely talk of books, but to fling them out to be read.

Available FREE to the public, the sole purpose of this anthology, and the earlier released Anthology Vol. 1, is to put outstanding authors in the hands of readers. With online marketing becoming a major chore for anyone, Indie authors are rarely blessed with help such as this. BestsellerBound is continuing on its very new trail in the land of self-publishing. A generous, welcome trail.

Here is the list of featured authors:

What Was Lost, by  James Sophi
The Art of Breathing, by Jaime McDougall 
Soul Windows, by Jaleta Clegg
I Didn't Know His Name, by Darcia Helle
Red Route, by James Everington
Make a Wish, by Susan Helene Gottfried
The Last Chance Motel and Mausoleum, by Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick
Isolation, by Maria Savva
Beyond The Green Hills, by Tom Gahan
From Joy We Come, Unto Joy We Return, by Ami Blackwelder

To download the eBook in a variety of formats, please see here: (courtesy of Darcia Helle)

You can also add this anthology to your reading list on Goodreads, please see here:

As always, your opinion and review will be most welcome at both Smashwords and Goodreads.

All of the offerings can be found together at this download link:



  1. Hi Joel - glad to be part of it. Nice looking place you have here by the way...

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Joel - and for using such eloquent words to do so. :)

  3. Thank you, James. Very happy to have you drop by.

    Darcia, I have to smile at that compliment; the language can't be helped. My current novel project has me wearing my pompous suit. :)


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