Blogger Deirdre Eden-Coppel stopped to have a look around, and gifted The Tale's The Thing with a lovely award. She's a powerhouse design and artistic talent who can be met on her own blog, A Storybook World.

I want to thank her for the honor she has bestowed, and invite you all to get to know her. You can see examples of her book cover art here, and also here.

Over the 2010 holidays, a very sweet compliment appeared in the comments of one of the weekly features. Blogger Belinda Kroll had gifted me a Stylish Blogger Award. Poor dear may have thought I never noticed.

Wrongo! I blushed, and wondered at why it made me feel shy. I never figured that out; it just does.

Belinda is also known as Worderella, and she blogs books at . There you will find oodles of contests, countless blogs about writing, a wealth of Indie book reviews. All of which she calls 'paying it forward'.
This is a 'pay it forward' award. We are encouraged to pass it along, to make another of our friends and colleagues blush.

We are asked to:
  • Link back to the person who gave it to you.
  • Give 7 facts about yourself.
  • Award 15 great bloggers you’ve recently discovered.
  • Contact them and tell them about the award.

Seven facts about me:
  • I had never considered writing my own novel until July, 2009. I didn't stop until four were completed. 
  • I'm a chicken in dark places. But I love caves! 
  • I was raised on a Dairy farm. It was my own chore to keep the calves bottle fed. Sometimes there were only a few, sometimes nearly thirty. I could feed three at a time. 
  • I used to attend the club in OKC where Garth Brooks was a bouncer. Can't say that I remember him that way, but I'm sure we crossed a few times. 
  • I've made maps - technical maps - for pipeline construction, for nearly 25 years. I prefer writing as an occupation and may let it take over. 
  • My Senior prom date was the most beautiful girl in our class. I was speechless when she agreed to go. And, yes it turned out that she was pissed at her boyfriend and was putting the screws to him by going with me. 
  • I've requested to be buried in a casket filled to my chin with Gummy bears.

The following bloggers have held my attention for a good while, and are truly deserving of such notice. I am pleased to pass along this award to:

Jenny F. Hilborne. She's the author of 'Madness and Murder': Amazon Link

Darcia Helle.  She's the author of 'The Hit List'; 'The Cutting Edge'; 'Ememies and Playmates' and many others: Amazon Link

Susan Helene Gottfried. She's the author of 'Trevor's Song' and 'ShapeShifter: The Demo Tapes - Year 1-2': Amazon Link

Danielle Bourdon.  She's the author of 'Dreoteth' and co-author of 'Bound by Blood': Amazon Link

I will have others to include and compliment - some of my other choices have already been nominated by others. Charlie Courtland of BitsyBlingBooks was one such choice. We travel our circles in a very generous crowd.

Cheers to all!... and watch for some new names.