Instant review links.

You might be tempted to call me a pushover for a 5 Star review, nearly all of these are. Nope. I am wickedly demanding. These happen to be outstanding works, and I'm very pleased to recommend them. Authors in blue have been featured here, and can be met in the archives.

Charlie Courtland
'Dandelions in the Garden'.
'Hidden Will of the Dragon'.
'The Secret of a Spicy Jalapeno'.

Christopher C. Payne
'The Gargoyle Prophecies - Part 1: The Savior Rises'.

Danielle Bourdon
'Bound by Blood'.

Darica Helle
'Enemies and Playmates'.
'The Cutting Edge'.

Heather C. Paye
'A Gift From Above'.

Helen M. Downs
'A Handful of Seeds'.

J. Michael Radcliff
'The Guardian's Apprentice'

Jaleta Clegg
'Nexus Point, The Fall of the Altairan Empire: Book 1'.

Jason McIntyre
'On the Gathering Storm'.

Jenny F. Hilborne
'Madness and Murder'.
'No Alibi'.

Jen Knox
'Musical Chairs'.

Kelli Sue Landon
'Sudden Moves'.

Lisette Brodey
'Crooked Moon'.

Maria Savva
'Second Chances'.
'The Dream'.

Marty Beaudet
'By A Thread'.
'Losing Addison'.

Susan Brassfield Cogan
'The Last Gift'.

Susan Helene Gottfried
'Trevor's Song'.

Suzanne Tyrpak
'Vestal Virgin'.

Tessa Apa

'Gateway to Celesta'.

Valerie Maarten
'The Gift of Joy'.

William T. Prince
'The Legend of Sasquatch'.