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Make a list of the good things which can be said about the people behind - it will be a very long list. One of the truly rare author-friendly forums on the web, BsB has become a brand, because of efforts like this one.

Forum co-founder, Darcia Helle, has collected and edited this special short story edition of member works, several of whom have appeared for interviews on this blog. (see the archives)

Available FREE to the public, the sole purpose of this anthology, and the earlier released Sample Anthologies (Vol. 1,2,3) is to put outstanding authors in the hands of readers.
With online marketing becoming a major chore for anyone, Indie authors are rarely blessed with help such as this. BestsellerBound is blazing a very new trail in the land of self-publishing. A generous, welcome trail.

Here is the list of featured authors:

Wish Upon A Star, by Lainey Bancroft
Tears For Hesh, by J. Michael Radcliffe
You Can Call Me Ari, by Darcia Helle
Flames, by Maria Savva
Minor Details, by Jaleta Clegg
Ice Cream Man, by Neil Schiller
No Eyes But Mine Shall See, by Sharon E. Cathcart
The First Texas Twister, by Magnolia Belle
Shadow Lantern, by Gareth Lewis
Stained, by Amy Saunders

For the official press-release, please see here: (courtesy of Sharon E. Cathcart)

To download the eBook in a variety of formats, please see here: (courtesy of Darcia Helle)

You can also add this anthology to your reading list on Goodreads, please see here:

As always, your opinion and review will be most welcome at both Smashwords and Goodreads.

All of the offerings can be found together at this download link:



  1. Thank you for bragging about us, Joel. :)

  2. Joel, now you are moving from Knighthood towards Sainthood. You are a treasure!


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