Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why is this funhouse idle?

My schedule has been a disaster since January. Several things are getting in the way of the little engine that runs this site: I only feature books I've read, and there has been no time to devote to that. I won't look at something with only half my brain engaged, so...I can't bring you a new author to meet.

I've been on sabbatical from the real world; I took an entire year off to write. (jealous, aren't you?) Well, playtime has ended, but getting back to work has taken longer than planned. The easy transition I planned, has become an effort I do not like. 20+ years in a highly specialized career is sometimes a hindrance.

This is only temporary. I promise. Once my schedule is nailed down and some routine is established, new books and new authors will begin to appear.  Believe me, if I could retire and do this full time... I would.

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  1. Joel, it's both good and bad to know that the balancing act continues at all stages of one's life. Thanks for sharing the honest truth about your sitch, my friend, and good luck with the long haul of re-entry. Keep your toes pointed on the beam!

    j. //


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