Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That unwritten book of yours.....

The Darling, Jenny Hilborne, has challenged me. Not only me; others have been invited to participate in her little blog experiment. She targeted me for the pleasure of causing me torment. She has a game that draws out of us seven lines of text in our current work in progress.

Though her invitation came through the equally evil Maria Savva, who was first pestered thus by Elpi Pamiadaki, Jenny and Maria both know well...
I am not currently writing a book.

There are not enough lines of text in a new project to adhere to the strictures of her challenge.
I was miffed.

There can be only one way to participate. I must create those lines in her honor.  I will do so, only after thoroughly messing with the game in my own way.  That seems only fair.

Here are the guidelines she knew I could scarcely follow.....

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript (fiction or non-fiction)
Go to line 7
Post on your blog the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are - no cheating
Tag 7 other authors to do the same

Well, not even easily done if you have the story in text to begin with...

Now my twist.  Below are the requested lines from each of my five novels. I've attached images, because I can, and to be the bendy-fellow Jenny expects me to be. However. HOWEVER!
Pause not there—I will rise to the challenge a bit further....

From Harmony's Passing

From Caraliza

From Breathing into Stone

From Shared

From When America Slew Her King

And now—to accept the game, and do what Jenny believed impossible—here are the requested number of lines from my next novel. I am creating them on the fly.  They will fit exactly, when I have imagined 76 prior pages.  Jen will be watching, and I cannot fail her.

From Clouds of Green and Blue

"Miss, but I...cannot give you the ticket..." he stammered, not wanting to say it.
"Explain to me why," she demanded. "This is the station—I know you sell them. I arrived in this spot six months ago, with such a ticket!"
"Sweet Miss—you are unescorted-" he was near to tears.
"I came here that way, just now! How can I not depart if I have clearly come?" Her fury whitened her knuckles on his windowsill.
"I'm not allowed, you see..." he blanched. "A blind person must have a companion, and you are so young..." He would have reached beneath his glass to touch her hand, but Clara spun away indignantly...directly into the crowd, who paid her little heed.

There Maria, and Jenny. I hope you two are tickled pink...

Here is my list of new participants: (This game has expanded. A few on my list may have already been tagged.)

Mark Paul Jacobs (If he has reached so far in his new book)
Lisette Brodey
Cliff Ball
RJ McDonnell
Jen Knox
Stacy Juba
Al Boudreau
Kimberly Kinrade



  1. Perfect, you are fully redeemed. I knew you could.......

  2. 'equally evil' lol :)
    A nice twist of the rules, I like it.
    You may have started a new trend... authors will now start writing a novel by writing a few lines for page 77 and then work around that to finish the could catch on ;)
    I can wait to read Clouds of Green and Blue! Knowing you, you will probably be stubborn enough to write it...


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